For automotive applications, Extrude Honing has proven highly beneficial, in
that increasing the flow of fuel and air through the engine enhances its
performance significantly. The more oxygen there is in the cylinder when
it is compressed with fuel at combustion, the greater the energy charge
delivered to the crank for propulsion. The burn is more efficient and will
more completely burn the fuel delivered at ignition. Volumetric efficiency.
With a freer flowing exhaust, the cylinder is more completely evacuated
and can receive a stronger measure of fuel and air for the next ignition.

Additionally, since the most offensive pollutants generated by automobile
exhaust emissions are 96% unspent fuel, the more complete the burn of
the fuel, the more environmentally friendly the engine will run. This makes
Extrude Hone's contribution complete: Better performance, better fuel
efficiency and cleaner exhaust emissions.